Northboro Youth Basketball Association

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The Northborough Youth Basketball Association, Inc., is a non-profit organization formed and established

to provide for the advancement of amateur basketball in the Town of Northborough. Under the direction 

of its volunteer board of directors, coordinators, and coaches, it will arrange, promote, organize and

supervise amateur basketball competition for player’s grade 1 - 8 for residents of Northborough.

The following goals will guide the Association in its various activities:

1.        To emphasize equal playing time far more than the importance of winning

2.        To teach the skills of the game of basketball

3.        To teach the rules of the game

4.        To provide and encourage constructive coaching

5.        To gain for each participant the following benefits:

           a. To learn to work with others in a team endeavor

           b. To learn to be gracious in victory as well as defeat

           c. To obtain a level of physical fitness and coordination that will benefit them in later life

           d. The knowledge that winning is not a life or death situation

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